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18W UV/LED nail varnish lamp ASN-A310, a manicure hand rest

LED Nail Varnish lamp ASN-A310 is a unique device that combines a UV/LED lamp and a hand rest at the same time. A manicure/pedicure professional will appreciate the advantages of this model that combines new technologies of drying gel-varnishes with comfortable use.

The power of the lamp is only 18 W, but thanks to the red LED beam, the consumption of light photons happens faster. The red LED beam has a positive effect on the skin and enhances cell metabolism.   

Made of good quality plastic, the nail varnish lamp has 18 light diodes. The model is provided with three mode switching buttons for 30, 90 and 120 seconds.

The compact size of the drying lamp allows optimizing the working space on the nail professional’s desk. The design in the form of the hand rest was chosen for a purpose – the LED drying lamp turns into a comfortable manicure hand rest.   The drying lamp with a hand rest polymerizes gel-varnishes, shellacs, bio gels and other gel containing coatings.  It is distinguished by the absence of the bottom and the width of the case that creates additional convenience during pedicure. The model of the ASN-A310 lamp is suitable for manicure professionals as well as the customers who want to paint their nails with gel at home.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power – 18 W.
  • Size – 23*8,5*6 cm.
  • Timer availability: yes.
  • Display availability: no.

18W UV/LED nail varnish lamp ASN-A310, a manicure hand rest

38,00 EUR


Kind Drying lamp
Power 18 W
Size 23х8.5х6 cm
Weight 0.3 kg



Filling „Memory Foam”

6 cm thick double-layered filling is composed of:
  • 1,5 cm „Memory Foam” – causes no pressure on the body parts in contact with it (shoulders, hips), but they adjust to the body by supporting it correctly and creating a feeling of weightlessness.
  • 4,5 cm „Hard Foam” – longevity. The foam remains unchanged for years, while the Standard filling of the tables starts deforming already in the first year of use.
„Skin Touch” cover

sturdy ecological leather „Skin Touch” is not only soft in contact, bet also very long-wearing in comparison against the vinyl PVH, which is usually used for lining of the massage tables. Vinyl PVH cover starts crackling and disintegrating already after a year of intensive use, while the eco leather „Skin Touch” starts wearing down much later.
Reinforced frame

base and legs of the table – in 4 places reinforced with additional rails, but the connecting loops have been screwed to the frame through the entire length of the connection, which allows being sure about stability of the table. The cheap tables sometimes start bending and wobbling – performing of massage on a table like that becomes uncomfortable for both – the master and the client. Bending can be prevented by installing additional railing under the plate of the table, but in order to prevent wobbling the sections shall be fixed by bolts in all their length.
Not slippery

kleg ends of all cheap tables are made of plastic, which makes the table slippery on flat surfaces, like tiles or laminate, which means that while you are performing the massage, the table is moving back and forth. While with „Memory” it is very different – rubber ends of the legs serve as “brakes” – they stick to slippery floor and provide for stability.






We enjoy the products we have purchased from RESTPRO very much. My colleague and I have bought a beauty couch and a chair, all the products are qualitative and we are happy to use them. We highly recommend RESTPRO products and we suggest you check them out!
Beauty salon WDR Baltic

We have been actively using it for 4 years already, when we equip the cabinets in this way, because it is convenient for various masters: lashmakers, cosmetologists, as well as for waxing and even for hardware pedicure. Its value for money is also very good. The width of the couch is comfortable, and we enjoy its adjustable height, because the masters have different height, so it is great that you can adjust it for everyone. The backrest is adjustable as well. Some masters need the client to sit, some need him to be in almost lying or reclining position. This couch is suitable for any position of the client. This is a perfect solution for every master. Moreover, it is easy to carry it from the car to the salon, to your home, anywhere.
Beauty salon Lanastyle

I am Alla, a model from Tallinn. I spent 3.5 hours on the table. It was called RESTPRO. It was comfortable. I even managed to get some sleep.
Alla, Tallinn

My name is Irina Ronīte and I organise a championship of eyelash extensions and eyebrow forming Kolibri EUROPE.
I would like to say that the tables are very comfortable. Very light. The work of masters – lashmakers is very easy because of the aluminium legs. They can sit don freely, comfortably. The back is straight. Models also feel very comfortable lying down. The beds are soft enough. Let’s say that they are moderately soft.

My name is Melisa. I’m a contestant of the competition Baltic Beauty in the nomination eyelashes extensions. Eye lashes were grown on the RESTPRO tables and they were comfortable, time flew by unnoticed.


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