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The manufacturer of massage tables RESTPRO

Let's get acquainted.

About RESTPRO company

European company RESTPRO has been manufacturing foldable massage tables since 2011. We believe that the table for its the master is his reputation and regard to clients, therefore we pay great attention to selection and quality of the products manufactured by our brand. Only eco materials and proven Technologies are used in manufacture of RESTPRO goods. Masseurs, cosmetologists, tattoo and beauty care masters are happy to work with our tables.

Attitude to quality

Intense competition in the market of massage tables has led to manufacturing low-quality products which are cheaper than high-quality tables.

RESTPRO never decrease in quality of goods to have the final price lower. These words are proved by providing 2 and 3 years of warranty.

“We believe that the table of master —
it is his reputation and the attitude towards the customer.”

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Portable massage tables RESTPRO

European quality for the right price


We are proud of clients

We enjoy the products we have purchased from RESTPRO very much. My colleague and I have bought a beauty couch and a chair, all the products are qualitative and we are happy to use them. We highly recommend RESTPRO products and we suggest you check them out!
Beauty salon WDR Baltic

We have been actively using it for 4 years already, when we equip the cabinets in this way, because it is convenient for various masters: lashmakers, cosmetologists, as well as for waxing and even for hardware pedicure. Its value for money is also very good. The width of the couch is comfortable, and we enjoy its adjustable height, because the masters have different height, so it is great that you can adjust it for everyone. The backrest is adjustable as well. Some masters need the client to sit, some need him to be in almost lying or reclining position. This couch is suitable for any position of the client. This is a perfect solution for every master. Moreover, it is easy to carry it from the car to the salon, to your home, anywhere.
Beauty salon Lanastyle

I am Alla, a model from Tallinn. I spent 3.5 hours on the table. It was called RESTPRO. It was comfortable. I even managed to get some sleep.
Alla, Tallinn

My name is Irina Ronīte and I organise a championship of eyelash extensions and eyebrow forming Kolibri EUROPE.
I would like to say that the tables are very comfortable. Very light. The work of masters – lashmakers is very easy because of the aluminium legs. They can sit don freely, comfortably. The back is straight. Models also feel very comfortable lying down. The beds are soft enough. Let’s say that they are moderately soft.

My name is Melisa. I’m a contestant of the competition Baltic Beauty in the nomination eyelashes extensions. Eye lashes were grown on the RESTPRO tables and they were comfortable, time flew by unnoticed.


Why us?

  • we are an official exclusive representative of the European brand and an active distributor, therefore we can offer good price;
  • our reliability is guaranteed by our experience – we have been successfully working in the internet sales since 2007, over this period of time more than 100 000 clients have been satisfied with our work and we are continuing this good tradition;
  • our experienced team will always service you kindly;
  • we don’t sell plain air, everything that you see in this store can actually be found in our warehouse and right after receipt of the order we will package your order and hand it over for delivery to our cooperation partner in the area of deliveries, who will deliver your order right to your doorsteps;
  • our prices never change after placing of the order;
  • we sell only the products that we are sure about.
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Wholesale prices

And partnership conditions

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Product assortment
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