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T-Wedge Feminine Massage Bolster Pillow

Code: MB05

This bolster takes unnecessary pressure off the chest during rigorous treatments such as deep tissue. Relieves stress to the breasts when getting a massage elps relieve muscle strain Superior abrasion resistance, oil and stain resistant. 

Cushions are designed to meet the special needs of women. The soft foam can help you feel relaxed and fall asleep very easily. Women can feel special care from the pillow.


  • Size: 46x65x10.5 cm
  • Material:
    • the interior is double-layer foam,
    • the bottom is high-density foam,
    • the top is non-CFC foam,
    • surface PU leather.

T-Wedge Feminine Massage Bolster Pillow

45,00 EUR

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Type Pillow
Color Beige