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Swedish wall for kids RESTPRO® KID-1 White


Children's Swedish wall from the European manufacturer RESTPRO®.

Childhood is a time of irrepressible energy and lots of activities, aspirations and victories. Let your children spend their free time doing sports instead of sitting in front of a tablet or computer!

RESTPRO® KID-1 is a simple but functional Swedish wall with fixed attachment. The Swedish wall has not only a pull-up bar, but also additional equipment: rope ladder, rings, rope. The stairs are covered with soft PVC, which is pleasant to the touch and will prevent the child's foot from slipping. Maximum load 100 kg.

Technical data:

  • Complex height: 226-228 cm
  • Complex width: 55 cm
  • Pull-up bar width: 92 cm
  • Complex depth: 62 cm
  • Distance from the wall: 14.5 cm
  • Distance between steps: 26 cm
  • Load
    • for attachments max.: 50 kg
    • per horizontal bar max.: 100 kg
  • Attached to the wall
  • Color: white-rainbow
  • Attachment kit:
    • horizontal bar,
    • rope,
    • rings,
    • rope ladder

Swedish wall for kids RESTPRO® KID-1 White

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Height 226 cm
Wall width 55 cm
From Wall 14.5 cm
Horizontal ba width 93 cm
Depth 61 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Mounts To The Wall