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Salon Trolley CH-5043

Code: CH-5043

Are you a professional cosmetologist?  In this case, you have definitely accumulated a lot of useful and necessary accessories that you need to put somewhere, and, at the same time, they should always be at hand. Your perfect solution is a wheeled salon trolley!

This piece of furniture will allow you to conveniently place most of the necessary work items - the trolley has three tiers. The wheels will help you move it easily to any place you need.

The workplace of a beautician is his/her calling card. Equip your beauty salon, making it comfortable and attractive both for yourself and for your customers!

  • Sizes: 59 x 43,5 x 81,5 cm.
  • Kastes izmēri: 77 x 15 x 50 cm.

Salon Trolley CH-5043

139,00 EUR

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Kind Trolley
Size 59x43.5x81.5 cm
Weight 15 kg