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Salon Professional Chair RESTPRO® Expert 3 black


Saddle chair Expert 3 is a unique piece of salon furniture. The special feature of this salon chair is a unique shape of the seat thanks to which it is possible to diminish the back strain due to long term sitting. Sitting for a long time leads to wrong position of the spine that causes discomfort in the pelvis, backache and feet numbness. A new model of cosmetologist furniture, a saddle chair helps the spine to take a natural position. The professional feels comfortable during procedures and doesn’t get too tired from work.

Salon professional chair has the following characteristics:

  • The height of the seat is adjusted with the help of a gas lift from 48 to 63 cm, that’s why the chair fits professionals of any height. Three height degrees are available.
  • A comfortable backrest recline degree that gives optimal support to the body.  The backrest is regulated with a pneumatic mechanism. The upholstery is pleasant to touch, very durable and long lasting. As the upholstery material is good quality synthetic leather, it can be treated with washing liquids and disinfectants.
  • The chair base is chrome-plated; the wheels are made of strong plastic.

Salon chair Expert 3 is suitable as manicure professional furniture, for tattoo salon specialists and other professions that require long term sitting.

The construction of the chair provides the professional with maximum comfort and easy movement around the facility of any size.


Salon Professional Chair RESTPRO® Expert 3 black

109,00 EUR

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Type Master
Seat Ergonomic
Leg Metal
Color Black