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Portable Massage Table + Massage Bolsters RESTPRO® Memory 3 Beige

Code: Memory3_Set

6 reasons to choose “Memory” instead of a usual massage table:

1) “Memory Foam” filling agent 

Two-layer filling 6 centimeters in height is made up of: 

  • 1.5 cm of “Memory-Foam” – it does not put pressure on the contact parts of the body (shoulders, hips), and adapts them, it properly supports the body and gives a feeling of weightlessness. 
  • 4.5 cm of Hard-Foam is durability. The foam will remain unchanged for many years while the filler of standard tables will start to crease in the first year of exploitation.

2) Skin-touch Upholstery 

Super comfort "Skin-touch" luxurious PU upholstering is not only pleasant for touch, but is also more durable than PVC vinyl that is usually used to cover the tables. PVC vinyl upholstery begins to crack and peel in a year of heavy use while eco - leather “Skin-touch” is worn out much longer. 

3) Reinforced frame

The base and legs of the table are strengthened with additional crossbars in 4 places and the hinges are fastened throughout the entire length of the section connection, it makes possible not to care about the stability of the table. Sometimes a cheap table is loosened and defected – to give a massage on such table is uncomfortable for both master and client. Defects can be avoided by setting under the tabletop an additional bar and to avoid loosening – to connect the legs of the table with bars and to connect sections throughout the entire length of the connection.  

4) Anti – sliding  

Cheap tables legs ends are made of plastic which causes the sliding of the table on a flat surface for example on tile or laminate, that is, you give a massage, and the table fidgets back and forth. But it is opposite with the “Memory” table - rubber lags ends of the table are like fasteners - they stick to the slippery floor and provide stability. 

5) Sorts of goodies 

  • The shelf for hands is not only more convenient but it is also fastened in three rather than two places; 
  • Aluminum headrest design is more reliable than conventional plastic counterparts of the tables;
  • Stable headrest mounting system, it is not just a hole like in cheap tables; 
  • Comfortable rubberized handles of the table height control; 
  • Rounded corners of the table surface will make possible to avoid bruising when hitting the corner of the table;
  • Handle of the table is not just fastened with two screws; it is attached with a decorative metal plate; 
  • High beam between the table legs allows the master who works sitting to hide his/her legs under the table; 
  • Table bag is made of a thicker fabric. 

6) 3 year of warranty 

Instead of 6 months we provide 3 years of warranty (even for companies)!

Some vendors offer only a half a year warranty for companies, it's because they know - a table made of the cheapest components will not serve even the usual warranty of 2 years. The cheapest filler will be defected and the cheap upholstery will be cracked. You'll have to be ashamed in front of the client due to the worn out table, or to buy a new table in a year. Is it necessary to you?  

But what if under a heavy client and at the dynamic press the table will break down… It's no wonder the “Memory” table legs and base are connected with additional cross bars in 4 places and the hinges are fastened throughout the entire length of the connection instead of a few screws in three places. Would you like to explain to your client that he fell down due to the fact that you saved and bought the cheapest table? 

Agree that it is more comfortable to work with good equipment. And durability of the good things will not only save your money but also increase your sales - customers are more likely to come to the person whose equipment is comfortable, neat and safe. 

Table of «Memory» Series is constructed from the best materials under the supervision of the Latvian enterprise, it will serve for a long time - we guarantee that by our extended warranty. 

Buy this restpro massage table now and get 3 years of warranty!  

Order the delivery of the table or come to us – the samples assembled are waiting in our showroom in Riga. 


  • The set includes a table, accessories, a bag and manuals;  
  • Length is 192 cm, 220 cm with a headrest;
  • Width is 70 cm, 95 cm with the side palm rests; 
  • The height is adjustable from 63 to 84 cm;
  • Maximum load: 350 kg;
  • Headrest and palm rest;
  • Covering is eco - leather «Skin-touch»;
  • Dimensions in the assembled form: 95x70x23 cm;
  • Weight is 21 kg. 

RESTPRO® Half Bolster for Memory BEIGE.

  • Lenght: 65 cm.
  • Height: 6 cm.
  • Material: PU Skin Touch.
  • Filling: Hard Foam.

RESTPRO® Bolster for Memory BEIGE.

  • Lenght: 65 cm.
  • Height: 12 cm.
  • Material: PU Skin Touch.
  • Filling: Hard Foam.

Portable Massage Table + Massage Bolsters RESTPRO® Memory 3 Beige

310,00 EUR

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Sections 3
Color Beige
Cusion color Beige
Padding thickness 6 cm
Headrest material Aluminium
Weight 21 kg
Form Rectangular
Size L - 192x70 cm