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Massage table Camino Treatment, Agate Blue

Code: EST5S27-A-P

Welcome our latest novelty – a stationary massage table Camino Treatment!

It has much more functions and it is more convenient for clients and professionals!

To make the cosmetological procedures more comfortable for clients with maximum convenience for the work of a professional - this is the main goal of designing a new stationary salon  massage table Camino Treatment!

The advantages for customers are  obvious:

  •  Table length - 198 cm,
  • Bed width – 69 cm,
  • Backrest reclining angle adjustment – 0-80°.
  • Knee section  adjustment option.
  • Upholstery thickness 6 cm.
  • Working weight 205 kgs.

The client’s comfort is a vital part of an effective massage, tattoo or a SPA procedure.  However, SPA salon professionals know how important it is to work with contemporary equipment.
For this very reason a professional salon massage table is supplied with:

  • an electric drive, that regulates the height of the massage table;
  • pneumatic adjustment of chest and leg sections;
  • is supplied with levers for foot and hand table adjustment regulation, a cushion and an  ergonomic face hole;
  • metal holder for paper towels;
  • the SPA bed frame is made from metal.

In order to fully enjoy your work, you can choose and buy a massage table right now.  

Massage table Camino will delight you with its reliability and functionality, which means positive reviews of customers about your salon.

Massage table Camino Treatment, Agate Blue

1815,00 EUR

In stock!

Electric Yes
Size 198x69 cm
Height 45-95 cm
Color Agate Blue
Max. weight 205 kg