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Lamp - Magnifier 9003LED3D-FS

Code: 9003LED3D_FS

Do you plan to equip your workplace? With a high-quality magnifying floor lamp, you will do your beautician job flawlessly. From now on you will always have enough light, and you will be able to see all the smallest nuances easily, as well as immediately correct any errors. If customers come to you for manicure or to grow eyelashes, such equipment will be your ideal option.

Since the lamp has castors, it can be easily moved to the right place and used for various procedures. The foldable design, in its turn, makes it easy to adjust the height of the lamp as needed. You can order this useful device with delivery to your workplace, or you can pick it up in our store in Riga.

Buy this magnifying floor lamp today, and your customers will be delighted with your work!

  • Step Dimming. Push Button Switch.
  • Push 1st time: 25% Lumen
  • Push 2nd time: 50% Lumen
  • Push 3rd time: 75% Lumen
  • Push 4th time: 100% Lumen
  • Push 5th time: OFF
  • The total lumen is 2200lm


  • Model: 9003LED3D-FS;
  • Lens size: Ø5" (Ø12,7 cm);
  • Lens Diopter: 3D;
  • Voltage: 220V;
  • Power: 14W;
  • Light Source: 60PCS SMD LED(0.2W/pc,High Luminous);
  • Luminous: 1200 lm;
  • CCT: Daylight 5600-6000K(Working Mode);
  • Material: Glass+PC+ABS+Fe.

Lamp - Magnifier 9003LED3D-FS

109,95 EUR

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Kind Magnifying lamp
Power 14 W
Diopter 3D