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48W UV/LED Nail Varnish Lamp (00006462)

Code: 00006462

LED nail varnish lamp is a reliable helper in creating a quality manicure. Combined UV and LED technologies allow speeding up the time of nail varnish polymerization considerably in comparison with a usual UV lamp.

LED Drying Lamp is made of non-slippery plastic. Optimal arrangement of light diodes ensures equal distribution of the light stream on the nails.

Gel Nail Varnish Lamp works in the mode of a double light source with the wavelength of 365 - 405 nanometers. The perfected form of the device doesn’t allow any light leakage. Nail varnish lamp comes complete with a removable base.  The Drying Lamp has a regulated timer for 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds. Working in the low temperature mode relieves the nail plate and the finger itself of pain during the gel drying process. The arched design of the varnish lamp allows placing fingers and toes. LED drying lamp works with the power of 48 W. The lamp suits all kinds of gel varnish from different manufacturers.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Power: 48 W.
  • Timer availability:  yes.
  • Display availability: yes.

48W UV/LED Nail Varnish Lamp (00006462)

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Kind Drying lamp
Power 48 W
Size 22x19x11 cm
Weight 0.400 kg